Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Wendy Falb Asks: How to Manage Disconnects with Staff in a Virtual World?

In this episode, Barbara chats with Literacy Center of West Michigan Exective Director, Wendy Falb. As many of us are experiencing, Wendy’s office is preparing to head back to a team office space after the covid pandemic. Wendy finds herself navigating various work relationships where she remained in very personal contact with some staff and feeling disconnected with others due to a virtual world. Where do those personal relationships land back in a working relationship and how do we determine boundaries when it’s our personal desire to be close and build trust? Does that sometimes get in the way?

Wendy and Barbara talk about how to nurture relationships and find that balance in this latest episode of The Answers are in the Room.


Posted by Barbara Rapaport at 5:29 PM

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