To get you “unstuck,” I use a three-step process to liberate you from your “less noble self,” to help you master your unrecognized obstacles. My process has a proven track record locally, nationally and globally for developing individual and team leaders.

Step 1.

We assess and uncover your developmental gaps. Through informal questions and/or structured, validated assessment tools such as The Leadership Circle Profile™, The Leadership Circle Profile™ Manager Edition or The Leadership Culture Survey™ we get the best input for the issues you want to tackle

Step 2.

We discover why these gaps exist through an effective model called Immunity to Change™. This model reveals your hidden resistance —your immunity— to change. We identify what’s holding you back from reaching your goals and aspirations, even when your immunity to change feels well intended.

Step 3.

We engage in series of executive coaching sessions to create, implement and support a meaningful development plan for you, or your team. We strike just the right balance of technical skill acquisition and leadership development. We use carefully designed experiments that allow you to safely incorporate new perspectives and behaviors at work, in real time.

Contact me to discuss how we can work in-person, over the phone via Skype or in any combination that suits our schedules.