Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Farmers Insurance, Grand Rapids, MI

A few months have passed since our last meeting. I still feel so happy that you have helped improve the quality of my life with the skills you have given me. My confidence, which was always a weakness, has now manifested itself into my being happy and content with my decisions. My team feels less stress, pressure and micromanaging. I feel I have a better handle on my conversations and due to this they are accepting my coaching and reaching out to me when they hit roadblocks. Excuses are a thing of the past and the staff is starting to respect my team. That is the biggest win! With the freedom of time acquired by successfully managing issues and empowering my team to be accountable for their deliverables, I have felt my creativity come back and have been able to put it to use in two proposals that have been successfully received to date. Thank you is not enough for what you have helped me achieve!!!!!

Posted by webcontempo at 2:28 PM

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