Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Real-time Perspectives 10 Year Anniversary

Happy birthday to Real-time Perspectives! This year, which is the tenth year of my executive and leadership coaching practice, I’m taking on a new challenge. I am offering an affordable, virtual coaching experience that is aimed solely at Gen Y leaders!

There are two reasons for this. Up until now, I’ve worked primarily with executives, middle managers, and first-time supervisors in ways that help them unleash their leadership potential on an accelerated basis. Consequently, I’ve been exposed to leadership challenges faced by more than 300 leaders in 16 different countries. And what I’ve learned is that these challenges do not respect any cultural boundaries. In other words, the types of challenges leaders face are common worldwide. What is different, however, is how cultural and generational differences impact the way in which these challenges are resolved.

This learning, coupled with some compelling U.S. workforce demographics, has energized me to provide development tools designed specifically for the next generation of leaders. 

  • In 2010, Baby Boomers were the largest segment of the workforce (38%), Gen X was next (32%), and then Gen Y (25%). In 2015, the percentages shifted dramatically. 
  • Now Gen Y represents the largest segment of the workforce (34%), Baby Boomers represent the smallest segment (31%), and Gen X remained constant (32%). 
  • In addition, approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day! 

Because many millennial leaders will be recruited to fill these vacant positions before they’ve had an opportunity to hone their leadership capabilities, I realized that I could be of service if I offered them a comprehensive, easy-to-access coaching experience dedicated solely to them. It is designed to be especially respectful of how individuals in this age group see themselves from a leadership perspective given their life experiences up to this point. And because this generation is accustomed to instant answers at its fingertips (thanks, Google), the new coaching experience provides feedback and tools that can be put into practice right away. It’s called Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience, and I’m thrilled to introduce it just as Real-time Perspectives turns ten years old.

Though it’s geared toward millennials and rising leaders, this Coaching Experience will resonate with anyone who is seeking to be an authentic leader. It will help you:

  • Know yourself and your leadership purpose
  • Apply that understanding to complex interactions with others given expectations around collaboration
  • Learn how to brand your leadership potential
  • Develop a strong competency in the bedrock leadership skill of coaching others, whether it’s in the context of formal supervision, professional development, effective delegation, negotiation, conflict resolution, or team effectiveness.

Thinking 2015 might be the year you’re ready to take the next step in learning to lead with confidence? Wishing you had a wise mentor whispering in your ear? Learn more about the Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience!

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