Cultural Assessment

My most engaged and determined clients want to know what they don’t know. You’re conscientious leaders who hire me to teach you how to evaluate and improve your organizations.

WHAT I DO: Through in-depth assessments, observations, interviews and other customized techniques, I learn in real-time about how you lead and how your organization functions. Then I facilitate planning the best strategies and transitions to bring sustained change where your organization has lost traction or stagnated.

Real-Time Coaching

Learning during actual business situations (weekly meetings, retreats, and planning sessions) builds frameworks for meaningful growth.

WHAT I DO: First, I work with your team to arrive at a shared vision of desired behaviors. Next, I observe the team’s interaction in real work environments and provide immediate feedback and on-the-spot coaching. Over and over my clients confirm that learning in the moment delivers group-respect, appropriate focus and truly sustainable results.

Strategic Planning

Take the long view: What does your organization’s future look like and what does it need to thrive in that picture? Strategic planning gets your team moving together toward a common mission and goal.

WHAT I DO: I design the roadmap for your strategic planning journey. I help you select the right strategic planning methodology and format for your organization’s goals, collaborate with you to set up timetables and accountabilities then teach you to measure the effectiveness of your strategic planning.