All her life, Barbara Rapaport had been struggling to reconcile two sides of her personality: the one who felt compelled to remain behind the scenes and the one who gave herself permission to stand in the spotlight. With extraordinary self-awareness, Reimagined  toggles back and forth between Rapaport’s adult cancer journey and the childhood trauma that gave rise to false beliefs. Her story beautifully illustrates a truth many of us live with in multiple aspects of our lives: that our childhood demons are never very far away.

Beyond her childhood, Reimagined is a story about patient care, the journey that so many face, and the power of advocating for one’s self during a most vulnerable time.

With courage and fortitude, Reimagined shows us that we can gain the perspective necessary to acquire what’s long avoided us: radical self-acceptance.

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Openly and unapologetically, Barbara Rapaport invites and inspires the reader to confront and grow from their own inner reflections regarding: Facing mortality, recovering from trauma, inspiring others, finding strength, discovering new truths, the transcendent need for human connection, lifelong identity recognition, family influence, navigating conflict, recognizing multiple versions of self,  the value and fragility of human life, and the experience of modern health care in the U.S.
Andrew W.
Once in awhile a book comes along that speaks to you at all levels, Reimagined is that book for me. If you are looking for a beautiful love story about the power of friends and family, going through your own health crisis, trying to reimagine your life, or simply enjoy stories about grit and determination…this memoir checks all the boxes. The author’s raw honesty about her path to healing is uplifting and inspiring and proves that self discovery can happen at any age.
Sara Tow