If you find yourself feeling paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake or wishing for opportunities to lead with confidence, my customized Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience and Coaching Packages address these challenges, and others, that can hold back emerging leaders. Learn how to gain trust and respect, take smart risks to reach your potential, and be proactive in your career development with my unique “real­time” approach that provides quick and actionable advice and resources you can use right away.  The Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience overview provides insight into the key experiences you’ll get in each workbook.

Barbara Rapaport Introduces the Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience


Coaching Starts with YOU

You are ready to:

  • Identify and express your authentic self with honesty
  • Ask explicitly for the kind of coaching you want (or courageously and vulnerably share that you’re not sure where to begin)
  • Learn when you might be blaming external factors for things over which you actually have the capacity (and responsibility) to exert personal power
  • Reframe your perspective on some external challenges by shifting your point of view
  • Practice acting from a renewed perspective
  • Take risks that will push you beyond your comfort zone
  • Define your goals, boundaries, and self­-worth on your own terms


Coaching Continues with ME

  • Meet you where you are and guide you to implement real­time strategies at work
  • Help you discover strengths you already have and utilize them with confidence
  • Will begin with the basics or help you navigate more complex situations, depending on your needs
  • Help you gain broader perspectives to increase your understanding of organizational politics and interpersonal challenges
  • Develop your capacity to effectively give and receive feedback
  • Guide you in identifying and developing your leadership purpose
  • Offer a wide range of tools to address your needs immediately
  • Share my experiences so you’ll benefit from what I’ve learned 


Coaching is successful when we work TOGETHER

  • Establish goals that are meaningful and realistic given your energy and drive
  • Uncover underlying beliefs that hold you back from authenticity at work
  • Identify new skills to practice and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Develop coping skills for evaluating feedback and making tough decisions
  • Identify potential mentors inside and outside of your organization
  • Explore the right balance between independence and collaboration, and between work and life

Right solutions for you, right now

I’ve successfully coached a wide range of leaders and personalities, and I’m a passionate believer that the answers are always in the room. If you’re a rising leader who values collaboration, balance, and meaningful work but you aren’t finding satisfaction in your current role, I have a variety of coaching options that can help you learn to lead authentically. I offer everything from virtual, small group facilitated sessions to individual 1:1 coaching, from customized assessments to organizational team work.

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