Custom Workshops

Training is the acquisition of a specific skill for which there is an existing, teachable body of knowledge. Development, by contrast, refers to understanding and expanding a client’s meaning making, i.e. the manner in which the client views the world and their relationship to it.

WHAT I DO: I customize training and development workshops, all grounded in proven frameworks and methodologies, to help you, or your team, acquire skills and develop your leadership capacities.

Custom Workshops from Real-time Perspectives

  • Cultural Competency
  • Brand Identity and Value Propositions
  • Overcoming Your Immunity to Change
  • Capacity Building for Inspirational Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Improving Communications Skills for Better Results
  • Building Relationships for Professional Development
  • Strengthening Your Foundation’s Cultural Competency
  • Cultural Competency: Leading the Way for Early Childhood 
  • Assessing Intergenerational Dynamics within Your Organization
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Linking Culture to Organizational Performance
  • Unleashing Personal Capacities for Change to Improve Leadership Effectiveness
  • Does What’s Invisible Stop You Short? How Your Level of Adult Development Can Help Or Hinder Your Ability to Uncover and Take Charge of Invisible Obstacles to Leadership Effectiveness