How much time a day, a week, a fiscal cycle do you spend thinking about improving your team’s effectiveness, worrying about missing performance goals or wondering how to keep good work coming? If these worries are too common for your taste, learn how your perspectives and my insights can work together to create transformative Executive Coaching opportunities. The result? You will get “unstuck” by a process designed to help you get out of your own way.


Coaching Starts with YOU

  • You describe your talents
  • You outline your work challenges
  • You reflect upon your leadership style
  • You tell me what keeps you awake at night
  • You detail your team’s development potential
  • You describe your talents
  • You share your personal and professional goals
  • You imagine what you would like to change about you, about your team, about your company


Coaching Continues with ME

  • I listen
  • I ask questions
  • I help you eliminate distractions and focus your attention
  • I guide you to quickly and safely dig deep
  • I point out how you potentially sabotage your own good intentions
  • I hear what you aren’t saying and encourage you to say it out loud
  • I bridge gaps between how you lead now and how you would like to lead
  • I observe and reflect your tone, your body language, all your subtle messages back to you



  • We set goals for sustainable change
  • We overcome embedded cultural constraints
  • We analyze and redirect your time-management strategies
  • We spark performance from handpicked and inherited personnel
  • We help you manage multiple, complex, ever-changing priorities
  • We uncover what is holding you back and eliminate those barriers
  • We assess and celebrate capacities that you have potential to leverage
  • We enhance your leadership attributes and adapt your technical skills
  • We reframe beliefs that impede your personal and professional satisfaction
  • We discover ways to overcome your anxieties about failing, or ironically, succeeding

Effective on Any Level

I’ve successfully coached many skeptics. Ironically, the unspoken fears that may also stop you, or your team, from engaging in Executive Coaching come from the same hidden barriers impeding your leadership development. My proven three-step process, including how to overcome Immunity to Change™, moves you beyond your objections toward real-time development, skill acquisition and job satisfaction. So if you’re thinking: 

  • I can’t change
  • I don’t need to change
  • I don’t have enough time
  • My boss will never agree
  • I don’t need therapy to do my job
  • It’s too much work, I’m busy enough
  • My reputation will suffer, I’ll look bad
  • My team is fine, we work well together

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