Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Descending into the Mystery of a Soul Quest!

Last month I took a courageous step and joined a virtual community in which everyone has made a commitment to discover their unique Soul purpose. It is a quest to discover the unique gifts they are destined to share with the world but have not yet fully uncovered or understood. It is a three-month, intensive experience, designed to guide us in creating space to listen to our deepest yearning.

I chose to participate at this point in my life for several reasons. My cancer experience left me with tremendous gratitude for the people in my life who, during that time, lifted me up and showed me the strength of my own resilience. So, I have come to believe in the power of community. The experience also led me to realize that the way I had come to my work in the past wasn’t as satisfying because I had changed. I am committing to “Soul Work” now so that I can discover a potentially redefined and more gratifying purpose, in light of those changes.

In the program’s last virtual workshop, our Purpose Guide talked about the animate attributes of inanimate objects. I admit, I was skeptical. I had never imagined that the many objects that surround me might have a Soul. But I suspended disbelief. The next morning, I was performing my daily simple ritual, quietly drinking an espresso while looking at the natural beauty outside my windows. The leaves of the trees (all shapes and sizes) were blowing and rustling in the wind. So, I spoke out loud to them (as we were instructed to do when feeling connected to nature) inquiring about what they might be telling me about my purpose. Their response was: “Just listen.”

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