Succession Planning


Professional Services Firm, 8 Employees


Having built a highly successful business from the ground up, a thoughtful entrepreneur turned her attention to succession planning. She proactively identified a senior member of her Leadership Team to potentially assume control of the business. Despite working with him to build the necessary competencies by supporting his participation in leadership development courses, she felt something was impeding the employee’s potential to effectively lead the organization.


Executive Coaching

Conducted a series of individualized coaching sessions with the Leadership Team member. Started with the Immunity to Change™ model, which revealed that his hidden fears about moving toward this new role were actually based on unproven assumptions about how others would respond to him if he began demonstrating the behavior and leadership skills the company owner expected of him. Coaching also helped him articulate his secret worry about how well he would be able to express his point of view in conflict-laden business situations. Designed a series of experiments to evaluate his assumptions against actual business circumstances.


Test “data” indicated that this future executive’s worst fears were just that, fears. His behavior changed for the better. His self-awareness and confidence skyrocketed. He consistently expressed his opinions and decisions more authentically and honestly, even in tough business circumstances. The dire consequences he imagined were unfounded. Most significantly, his growth from executive coaching removed any concerns the business owner had about her succession plan for him.