Strategic Planning


Nonprofit, 100 + Employees


Preserve the successful cultural integration of two respected community agencies that had merged five years prior; empower the now well- consolidated Board and Staff to participate in strategic planning; capitalize on certain processes that the newly formed agency had engaged in to this point; and ensure these processes could be successfully and consistently replicated going forward.

Three-Phase Solution:

Phase 1: Surveys

Developed two on-line surveys with input from the agency’s Leadership Team. One survey sought to uncover employees’ perspectives about current programs, employee recruitment/retention and increasing innovation agency-wide. The other survey asked the Board of Directors about legislative, economic, socio-cultural and nonprofit sector issues that would likely impact the agency’s strategic intent moving forward. All results were synthesized and compiled into a Situation Analysis.

Phase 2: Board/Leadership Team Retreat

Facilitated a half-day retreat to help identify strategic planning focal points that would keep the agency on its strong footing. Provided a custom Strategic Plan Template and guidance, in the form of a basic outline, as they worked through it. This required the Leadership Team to draw upon their knowledge of the organization to complete the strategic plan.

Phase 3: Strategic Plan Summary

Embedded the plan’s key elements to ensure they remained top-of-mind for all Staff and Board Members. Created a one-page Strategic Plan Summary that highlighted goals, objectives and timelines for task completion. The Summary also included the agency’s vision, mission and value statements.


We achieved the best possible outcomes: On-time approval of the strategic plan; full engagement from Staff and Board Members; and development of realistic, useable tools (the Strategic Plan Template and Strategic Plan Summary). The Executive Director was so impressed by the custom, one-page Strategic Plan Summarythat she asked functional leaders to similarly summarize their respective functions’ specific goals and objectives.