Organizational Culture Change


Health Care Provider, 200+ Employees


The Leadership Team grew increasingly risk averse due to concerns about complying with “quality of care” government mandates. As result, creativity and innovation were stifled in all phases of the business.

Two-Phase Solution:


Administered Competing Values Framework to assess gaps between current and desired cultural attributes. Collectively and individually coached the Executive Leadership Team using the Immunity to Change™ model.


Used Process Mapping to design and implement an employee engagement strategy. Coached HR Manager to better utilize employee task teams over the long- term, to generate innovative solutions from the team and to increase employee engagement and accountability.


After accepting accountability for defaulting to a risk-adverse posture, the entire Leadership Team adopted a new, “client- centered” stance. Rather than working from the outside in to meet government quality mandates, the team reversed strategy and began working from the inside out. They incorporated higher internal standards. These standards, in turn, encouraged innovative practices and resulted in employee engagement. By default, because (a) employees owned their work and (b) leadership had removed barriers to innovation, the work product increased to meet “quality care” requirements.