Leadership Team Development


Manufacturer, 125+ Employees


The President recognized that his Executive Leadership Team did not to “buy into” the cultural changes he saw as critical to building and sustaining innovation company-wide.

Two-Phase Solution:


Off-site retreat where Competing Values Framework and the Immunity to Change™ model were used to identify cultural gaps and any hidden barriers preventing the Leadership Team from aligning themselves with the President’s view for change.


The Leadership Team participated in several bi-weekly team meetings to learn a new conflict- resolution protocol developed from the assessment phase and based on content from The Harvard Negotiation Project model.


The Leadership Team members realized they were each operating from “silo mentalities” out of personal fears of making a mistake or letting down the organization. Each person was hyper-managing their individual functions to the detriment of the group. Given the proper conflict resolution protocol, the Leadership Team moved away from a self- preservation instinct toward productive, unbiased dialogues about what the company needed to thrive and survive. The team also learned to accept some errors as part of experimental processes, which in turn made it easier for them to buy into the President’s vision of an innovative culture. Once they identified and made headway conquering their individual fears of being perceived as possibly hurting the company, the team experienced less conflict and more collective successes.