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Strategic Planning


Nonprofit, 100 + Employees


Preserve the successful cultural integration of two respected community agencies that had merged five years prior; empower the now well- consolidated Board and Staff to participate in strategic planning; capitalize on certain processes that the newly formed agency had engaged in to this point; and ensure these processes could be successfully and consistently replicated going forward.

Three-Phase Solution:

Phase 1: Surveys

Developed two on-line surveys with input from the agency’s Leadership Team. One survey sought to uncover employees’ perspectives about current programs, employee recruitment/retention and increasing innovation agency-wide. The other survey asked the Board of Directors about legislative, economic, socio-cultural and nonprofit sector issues that would likely impact the agency’s strategic intent moving forward. All results were synthesized and compiled into a Situation Analysis.

Phase 2: Board/Leadership Team Retreat

Facilitated a half-day retreat to help identify strategic planning focal points that would keep the agency on its strong footing. Provided a custom Strategic Plan Template and guidance, in the form of a basic outline, as they worked through it. This required the Leadership Team to draw upon their knowledge of the organization to complete the strategic plan.

Phase 3: Strategic Plan Summary

Embedded the plan’s key elements to ensure they remained top-of-mind for all Staff and Board Members. Created a one-page Strategic Plan Summary that highlighted goals, objectives and timelines for task completion. The Summary also included the agency’s vision, mission and value statements.


We achieved the best possible outcomes: On-time approval of the strategic plan; full engagement from Staff and Board Members; and development of realistic, useable tools (the Strategic Plan Template and Strategic Plan Summary). The Executive Director was so impressed by the custom, one-page Strategic Plan Summary that she asked functional leaders to similarly summarize their respective functions’ specific goals and objectives.

Client Testimonial

Barbara possesses a wonderful instinct for what an individual or an organization needs to grow and succeed. This instinct, coupled with years of training and practicing her art, has led her to be indispensable to anyone looking for professional growth or organizational excellence.

Twayne Howard, Chief Administrative Officer and Assistant Treasurer: The Right Place, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI
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