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Instructional Design

Simply put, instructional design is the process of developing the most effective plan for imparting knowledge or skills to a specific group. Training is the use of that plan to transfer the desired knowledge or skills.

WHAT I DO: Talk candidly with you to identify learning outcomes for your team, ascertain the level of learning required to reach those outcomes and call out any constraints that might negatively impact your team’s capacity to benefit from the training.

Client Testimonial

Barbara is a masterful coach and wise, insightful guide who helped me to change and grow in ways that have made a tremendous difference and impact. Through her deep care, generosity, powerful insights, profound wisdom and her exquisite knowing and capacity to see inside, she helped me to make important connections and to grow. She is a truly gifted coach who will touch you and help you to change your life. You will feel very wise should you have the gift of Barbara as coach.

Eleanor Drago-Seversen, EdD: Teachers College, Columbia University Faculty, Author of Helping Educators Grow
New York, NY
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