How much time a day, a week, a fiscal cycle do you spend thinking about improving your team's effectiveness, worrying about missing performance goals or wondering how to keep good work coming?


Organizational behavior can alter organizational effectiveness in compelling ways. Are you doing everything you can to make sure your people, teams and cultural norms impact your organization's vision and goals positively rather than negatively?


Are you looking for ways to alleviate anxieties about your leadership potential? Start by discovering your hidden barriers. Then find the courage to break through them.

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Every day I see how energized my clients feel once they get "unstuck." Some release unrealistic desires to be perfect, or fears of being imperfect. Others find themselves letting go of a façade they believed would protect them from being found out. Still other clients begin speaking out with newfound confidence and less concern for their reputations.

What's your Readiness Quotient?

You make choices every day. Choices about you as a leader, about your legacy as a leader, about your opportunities as a leader. Get your Readiness Quotient to see if you're a strong candidate to improve your choices.

Client Testimonial

The time Barbara and I spent together was an exercise in personal and professional development. Barbara listened beyond my initial words, providing insights into my comments that resulted in unanticipated depths of understanding. She also customized meaningful development assignments for each of our sessions. Barbara quickly got to know me, my personal life and the organization where I work. She provided feedback on the basis of that insight and was there for feedback and support along the way. My husband was my at-home partner relative to this development effort. At the end of our work together, he was compelled to email Barbara to provide feedback about the positive changes he observed and to thank her for her part in guiding me. Thanks, Barbara! 

Director, Educational Testing Service
Princeton, NJ
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