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Employee Recruitment & Selection

Finding and onboarding the right talent for your team is task intensive and time-consuming. Yet, it’s key work that must be done well to sustain your team’s leadership development efforts.

WHAT I DO: I support my clients’ on-boarding efforts in multiple ways. I design recruitment and selection processes specific to each organization and make sure the competencies needed for the role align with stakeholders’ expectations. Finally, I screen resumes and vet short-listed candidates, helping decision makers arrive at expedient, informed decisions without compromising their own day-to-day responsibilities.

Client Testimonial

Hello West Michigan was half way through a three-year strategic plan when we connected with Barbara. Our organization is growing. Barbara took all that was pulling at us, assessed the situation and guided us into creating a user-friendly process that we continue to use today. Itallowed us to refocus our energy on our core work and enhance our existing program. I appreciate Barbara’s insight as she assisted in this process. We are a better organization because of the time spent with Barbara.

Cindy Brown, Executive Director: Hello West Michigan
Grand Rapids, MI
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