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Customized Team Coaching

Leaders often face challenges aligning team priorities with organizational goals. Customized coaching helps leaders identify possible obstacles such as which team members help performance, which hinder it; why some teams reach their goals yet others seem to always miss.

WHAT I DO: I assess how effectively your team achieves their goals; uncover your team’s Immunity to Change™, and develop a coaching plan for your team’s development. Lastly, I tailor and facilitate team leadership activities and workshops based on your team’s priorities.

Client Testimonial

Barbara has been an invaluable partner in working with my team to help individuals gain personal insight and to improve their effectiveness. Recently, one team member remarked that working with Barbara has been the single most important developmental experience of their career.Ā Barbara's involvement turned my most recent leadership team retreat from a good meeting into a pivotal experience that moved us forward as a team. We couldn't have gotten to that point without Barbara's coaching and support. And when I asked Barbara to help me think through some leadership questions, I found her blend of empathy, experience and directness just what I needed to gain new self-understanding. And I use that learning to this day to be a better leader.

Sara Armbruster, Vice-President, Corporate Strategy & WorkSpace Futures: Steelcase, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI
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