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Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience


The Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience is a virtual coaching experience designed to serve as a leadership development tool for current and aspiring Millennial leaders. It is a package of downloadable files containing comprised of an Overview and 4 Workbooks. Each Workbook contains leadership coaching tips from Barbara Rapaport, President and Founder of Real-time Perspectives. More >>

This is a downloadable product.

For Millennials who are feeling paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake or wishing for opportunities to lead with confidence, the Next-Gen Leadership Coaching Experience addresses these challenges, and others, that can hold back emerging leaders. Learn how to gain trust and respect, take smart risks to reach your potential, and be proactive in your career development with a unique "real­-time" approach that provides quick and actionable advice and resources you can use right away. It will be of particular interest to Millennials who want professional coaching in support of the following outcomes:

  • Being recognized for your talents
  • Finding ways to make your work lives and personal lives meaningful
  • Making the people you work with and the world you work in even better

The package offers ways to help you achieve rapid and sustainable progress at your own pace as you follow your leadership development path. It includes:

  • Tools that are designed to help you reflect on your beliefs about leading people so you can develop, integrate, and reinforce a compelling leadership philosophy
  • A rationale for which leadership skills likely will be the most critical to your success early on
  • Exercises that are designed to help you practice applying these skills right away
  • Real-life examples of individuals who have struggled with, and overcome, similar leadership challenges
  • Easy-to-access resources that I am confident will stretch your current view of leadership

Client Testimonial

Thanks so much for all the coaching and support rendered to me. Your coaching has enabled me to understand myself much deeper and you helped open up new doors allowing sunshine to come through more fully into my heart! 

Jing Wang
Vice-President for Human Resources Operations, Shell Companies in China
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